Thursday, January 14, 2010

As promised ...

I am going to write about my family. Let me start by saying I have 3 beautiful children. They are 20, 18, and 13. I'm 40 by the way. I was married to my first husband at 19 and had my little girl by 20. During my pregnancy I bought a plant in the hopes of learning some type of nurturing skill. When the plant died I cried my eyes out thinking the baby I was carrying would suffer the same fate. Well good news! I watered and fertilized my little girl and now she is a beautiful woman.

My methods of child rearing is probably not standard or politically correct by today's standards. For example, I believe in bribery because we all do it so might as well learn from a young age so they can have it down to an art form. I believe in telling my kids everything. Example, they knew everything about sex before they were in 5th grade. That is great because they are not curious and they are making the right choices.

During the pregnancy of my middle child I went through a lot of emotional turmoil with my 1st husband. We will leave it at that.

During my third pregnancy with my second husband I was so mean to him I don't know how he stayed. He did by the way, come this February we will be together for 15 years.

My kids mean the world to me. Without them living is meaningless. It was hard being so young and having children but the fact that at 40 I can relate to them better than if I were a lot older I feel makes me a better parent. Please don't get me wrong I know people in their 40's and have babies, it works for them. I know it would not have worked out for me.

Well that is enough for today. Next time I am going to give you guys some of the rules that I give my kids.

Okie dokie, see ya later!


  1. Kids are the greatest gifts! Sounds like you have been quite blessed. I can respect the idea of telling your children the truth, I do the same with mine. I am 38 and my oldest is 13, the youngest is 7 and some days I think I am too old for a 7 year old! I am glad I didn't wait any longer for the kids or I don't think they would have been so much fun. I can't wait to read your next post. I really love the fish too!

  2. I really enjoyed reading your post and seeing what someone my moms age is thinking when raising their children. Although my mom did not have the same outlook on her children, I believe yours is better. I am 26 and too believe in telling your children everything. You can't hide things from them or they will learn somewhere else and possibly make bad choices from that? Good job and I can't wait to read your next blog!