Friday, January 15, 2010

Good evening all...

Today I am going to let you all know some of the advice I give my kids. Use them or not my wisdom is for anyone who would like it.

1. Look both ways before crossing the street. Drivers aren't really paying attention to the road, so you should.

2. Cross the street at the corner and not at the middle of the block. So that way if a car does manage to hit you they are more likely be at fault.
(as an aside - this might seem stupid to some, but, if you live in NYC or NJ you know that the drivers here are insane)

3. Always wear clean underwear. Dirty ones are gross, and you never know who might see them.

4. Don't look nice for other people. Look nice for yourself.

5. No on is better than you, BUT, you are not better than anyone else either.
(explanation - this was a saying from my childhood. Simply put don't be a spoiled brat, everyone is equal)

6. Treat people the way you want to be treated.

7. Think before speaking because you can't take back what you say and it can be hurtful.

8. Never be a follower! It can be nice to be a leader if you can handle the responsibility. BUT always remember - be an individual.
Sorry for screaming but I really need that "but" to stand out.

This is my favorite one.

9. Until you turn 25 years of age never date someone more or less than 2 years from your own age.
Reason - I once saw this girl get on the bus and a man went behind her and grabbed her inappropriately. She screamed and ran to a seat, I took out my phone just in case he kept after her. Well once they started kissing my jaw dropped. Here you have an adult male who looked 30 making out with a school girl. Oh man that was so wrong I yelled at my daughter when I got home, and she did nothing wrong. I made this rule up because I think that a 2 year difference is much better.
(oh yeah before I forget this is what I told my daughter - "What kind of a loser guy (or girl) has to date/prey on someone so much younger? Are they just so bad that they can't find someone their own age? Jeez, let me tell you that the excuse of 'you are so much more mature than girls my own age' is a load of crock!" Anyway that's what I said (just a little more colorful)

10. If you are going to take a photo of yourself make it tasteful. I cannot stress enough a picture in today's world lasts forever and will be distributed around the world in a matter of minutes.
So girls, you know that great guy you are dating and you decided to share something intimate with him via cell phone photos. Well, when he is no longer the "great guy you are dating" he becomes the guy that sent your intimate photo to everyone in your school and the neighboring town's schools. Don't do it, its not worth it. Take a nice photo, wearing clothes and holding a flower, so that way if he sends it to people what can possibly be said about that. (Oh yeah, boys that goes for you too)

11. Social networks are seen by everyone including colleges and future employers. Girl on girl kissing, drunk/high guy with marker face is not what these folks are going to hire or have in their schools. You can't blame them people!

Last piece of advice for tonight

12. Bullies are terrible individuals. They have low self esteem and being evil makes them feel better. Don't let them get to you. Let people in charge know that someone is bullying you, believe me someone will listen. You don't have to change who you are to fit in. Be an individual, we have too many robots in this world and being unique is what makes us humans very special.

Think of sea turtles - Mommy sea turtle comes on land and digs a hole and drops her babies in the hole very carefully (while crying her eyes out). Mommy covers her babies gently to make sure they are safe and warm. She has to go and let them pop out of their shell, this is very sad for mommy sea turtle, anyway she goes back into the big blue.

One day the babies are ready to grow and move on (I call this being a teen). Here you have little sea turtle out in the big bad world. While heading toward the ocean some make a wrong turn and end up in a bad place. Others get picked off by predators, but you have a few that follow their mom's trail and stay straight. They might stumble along the way but eventually they make it to the ocean (I like to call this adulthood). Of course the big blue has its dangers but, little sea turtle learned enough by watching other make mistakes that they survive to be 150 years old.

Many kids make the wrong choices and get picked off by predators, this is sad and terrible, but, this is life. Make sure you stay straight, if you survive the beach you can survive the ocean.

Well that was a lot huh? Okay people more to come. Have a good weekend if I don't write till Monday.


  1. I am really starting to enjoy reading your post! I really hope to pass all this advice on to my own children...good advice all the way around. I especially liked the rule about the dirty underwear that one tickled me a little!! Again I hope to give the same great advice!